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  1. I hired Dan to soundproof my garage. He hung, textured & painted drywall, built partitions, insulated and added heat & AC to the room (He did a lot more, but these were the main things). Dan did excellent work. He was fair, honest, and stayed until the job was finished. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Hire Dan & you won’t be disappointed.

    Comment by Pete
    July 20, 200910:05 am
  2. Dan and his team were great. They were friendly, knowledgable and did a wonderful job. They replaced bypass closet doors and did some drywall. I would hire them again for any job.

    Comment by sue
    March 27, 20103:55 pm
  3. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the report somehow I never got notice you had written this report. so sorry for the very delayed response but Thank You again for taking time to do this.


    Comment by danielhesketh
    February 19, 201211:13 am
  4. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the report & the recent referral for a similar job.


    Comment by danielhesketh
    February 19, 201211:14 am
  5. Dan’s team, his brother I think, repaired a cracked floor in a shower stall at a rental for me. Prior fix by and “expert” had failed and the crack reappeared. I was told the solution was to tear out the shower stall and install a new one. Dan came up with an alternative solution and was able to repair the crack and save me several $$$. A month later and the fix is still good. Thanks Dan and your ?brother?


    Comment by Alf
    June 26, 20123:28 pm
  6. sorry I don’t pennysaver does mine for me. good luck

    Comment by danielhesketh
    September 24, 201211:38 am

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